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Infrared Thermal

Heat is generally an indicator of energy at work. This can be healthy or an indication of a fault friction, infection, overload, insulation breakdown or in the case of electrical systems a high resistance due to poor termination.

A thermal survey is a powerful predictive tool to identify these areas of concerns.

Power Measurements

Power Quality Issues can result in equipment malfunction, pre-mature failure, and operational delays. Harmonics and power factor could result in wasted energy.

If you don’t measure you can’t manage!

  • Meter energy consumption and collecting the data
  • Find and quantify opportunities to save energy
  • Target opportunities to save energy
  • Track progress at saving energyManaging your energy consumption effectively is an ongoing process…

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Our Vision: To act responsibly: This involves offering a valuable service to Clients at the right price always with environmental awareness.

Honesty. Integrity. Environmental Awareness.

Energy Utilisation and Efficiency has become an ever more important consideration and focus World Wide. There has been a tremendous growth in products and techniques to maximise energy management with both cost and environmental considerations.

Jim Daly, Electrical Engineering Technologist started DES in February 2006 with the intention of offering innovative solutions in this sector.

The intention is find and offer solutions to any energy requirement that is cost and environmentally effective.

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